First and foremost, a Publicist is one who works with other photographers, by invitation only, to market their art through our portals. We do not charge them for this service.  Our photographers share in the commissions for any photography that is sold on this web site as well as other web sites.

Second, we are a firm believer in providing a quality product that buyers will enjoy and cherish for many years. Our goals are to help others achieve many of the things we have struggled with in achieving without a helping hand. Maybe, just maybe, we can short cut that path for others. At least they believe in our optimism and are willing to allow us and our companies to move forward with them.

Third, Photo Marketing USA and  are brands of Dragon Technology Consultants Corp and are about helping other artists display their best works in galleries within their own web sites as well as through our various portals and portfolios.

Fourth, Our company's values include inviting those photographers which have an eye for the unusual, the mundane, and every day scenarios which they bring to life in their work.  We have a quality control process which allows us to select only those photographers which contribute to values of life and freedom to bring their very best to you.

Take a look at the photos from Ken DeJonge who takes photos as a hobby as well as for commercial work. He especially likes to take his camera where cameras should not go - into the caverns beneath the earth where there is cool moist air. His photography brings to life the life down under.

Or the photography from Mike Bacon, who in his retirement years, contributes his time to volunteer projects as a member of the board of directors for a local community television station. Mike does a lot of traveling to other countries such as Japan, Germany, Italy, and others. His photos are striking, unique, and captures the essence of his targets. His macro shooting is just as bright where he brings us into the world of micro photography. We see the beauty of his subjects where they leave lasting impressions on our minds.

Check out the works of our founder, Rob.  Some say his photography captures everything ironic - let's just say it is captivating.  He has an eye for the unique.  Many seek him out for their personal work in events.  Rob uses natural light, as much as possible, to produce unique imaging which brings to life in still photos what he sees.  His macro photography tends to make the subjects "pop" bringing the realism of 3-D (simulated) using depth-of-field techniques.

All of our photographers have unique gifts. Be sure to visit their galleries and if you see something that you like, posters and other entities are available for your purchase. Otherwise, enjoy the beauty and be sure to tell your friends about our world in still photography.